VW Passat repair

- 1. Ekspluatatsiiya of the car
   1.1. General information
   1.2. System of the central blocking of locks
   1.3. Trunk lid or back door
   1.4. Doors
   1.5. Window regulators
   1.6. Rear-view mirrors
   1.7. Seat belts
   1.8. Head restraints
   1.9. Forward seats
   1.10. Back seats
   1.11. Loading of a luggage compartment
   1.12. Parking brake
   1.13. Electronic blocking of differential
   1.14. Mechanical transmission
   1.15. Automatic transmission
   1.16. Adjustment of a steering column
   1.17. Ignition lock
   1.18. Engine start-up
   1.19. Combination of devices
   1.20. Information display
   1.21. Switches and additional control lamps
   1.22. Switch of light of headlights and turn indexes
   1.23. System of automatic maintenance of constant speed of movement of the car
   1.24. Switch of cleaners and washers of wind and back glasses
   1.25. Heating and ventilation system
   1.26. Climatronic air central air
   1.27. Hatch
   1.28. Plafonds of illumination of salon
   1.29. Lighter and ashtrays
   1.30. Top luggage carrier
   1.31. System of stabilization of provision of a body
   1.32. Tires
   1.33. Fuelling
   1.34. Body cowl
   1.35. Engine oil
   1.36. Transmission oil and liquid for an automatic transmission
   1.37. Hydraulic booster of a steering
   1.38. System of cooling of the engine
   1.39. Brake system
   1.40. Cleaner and windscreen washer
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Power supply system
+ 6. Ignition system
+ 7. Coupling
+ 8. Transmission
+ 9. Drive of forward wheels
+ 10. Suspension brackets
+ 11. Steering
+ 12. Brake system
+ 13. Wheels and tires
+ 14. Systems of heating, ventilation and conditioning
+ 15. Electric equipment
+ 16. Body
+ 17. Electric circuits


Repair B3-B4/Passat B3-B4 Volkswagen Passat>> Ekspluatatsiiya of the car>> Cleaner and windscreen washer

Fig. 1.60. Broad tank of a washer of a windscreen

The tank (fig. 1.60) of a washer of a windscreen is located capacity of 5 l in a motor compartment. It is recommended to add in the water which is filled in in a tank, special liquid for a sink of automobile glasses. Liquid improves quality of a sink, and in a cold season reduces temperature of freezing of liquid.

Fig. 1.61. Windscreen washing

On the immovable car of a stream of liquid should be sent to the points of a windscreen specified fig. 1.61 . Adjustment of the direction of a stream of liquid is carried out by means of the thin needle inserted into an opening of a nozzle of a washer.
For adjustment snuffled a washer of headlights the special equipment therefore it should be carried out at service station of cars is necessary.
It is necessary to replace brushes of cleaners of a windscreen not less often than once a year. For removal of a brush of a cleaner of a windscreen execute the following operations:

Fig. 1.62. Replacement of a brush of a cleaner of a windscreen: 1–cleaner lever; 2–shchetkoderzhatel; 3–button of a spring clamp

– establish the lever 1 (fig. 1.62) in vertical situation;
– establish a shchetkoderzhatel 2 in horizontal situation;
– press the button 3 of a spring clamp and at the same time pull for a brush towards a windscreen.
Installation of new brushes is carried out in sequence, return to removal.