VW Passat repair

+ 1. Ekspluatatsiiya of the car
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Cooling system
- 5. Power supply system
   + 5.1. Power supply systems of petrol engines
   - 5.2. Power supply system of the diesel engine
      5.2.1. Specifications and characteristics
      5.2.2. General information
      5.2.3. Air filter
      5.2.4. Accelerator cable (AAZ engine)
      5.2.5. Fuel level sensor
      5.2.6. Fuel tank
      5.2.7. Fuel pump of a high pressure
      5.2.8. Check and adjustment of the maximum turns of the engine (AAZ engine)
      5.2.9. Check and adjustment of the raised turns of idling of the AAZ engine
      5.2.10. Check and adjustment of the moment of injection of fuel of the fuel pump of a high pressure of the AAZ engine
      5.2.11. Fuel nozzles
      5.2.12. Electromagnetic valve of a stop of the engine
      5.2.13. Elements of a control system of the diesel engine (1Z, AHU and AFN)
+ 6. Ignition system
+ 7. Coupling
+ 8. Transmission
+ 9. Drive of forward wheels
+ 10. Suspension brackets
+ 11. Steering
+ 12. Brake system
+ 13. Wheels and tires
+ 14. Systems of heating, ventilation and conditioning
+ 15. Electric equipment
+ 16. Body
+ 17. Electric circuits


Repair B3-B4/Passat B3-B4 Volkswagen Passat>> Power supply system>> Power supply system of the diesel engine>> Fuel nozzles
Pressure of injection is adjustable parameter. During engine operation pressure of injection often falls, therefore the nozzle is necessary for checking periodically and, if necessary, to regulate.
Check of serviceability of a fuel nozzle carry out in the following order:
be convinced that the engine is serviceable and level of a compression is identical in all cylinders;
start the engine and warm up it to working temperature;
weaken a nut of fastening of the union топливопровода on a checked nozzle, thus note, whether engine turns changed. Make the same check on accelerated single to a course;
at a serviceable nozzle obvious reduction of turns of the engine, being accompanied will be observed by its non-uniform work. If the checked nozzle is faulty, change of turns of the engine will be insignificant and will be gone, if was present earlier, extraneous knock.

Removal of a fuel nozzle
Carry out in the following order:
disconnect a wire from a negative conclusion of the storage battery;

Protect the generator from hit in it diesel fuel

carefully clear fuel nozzles of pollution and remove a returnable fuel pipe from a nozzle;
unscrew from fuel nozzles pipelines of supply of fuel;
unscrew a fuel nozzle and establish on a spray a protective cap;

Fig. 5.81. Fuel pump of a high pressure: 1–pulley; 2–segment shponka; 3–fuel pump of a high pressure; 4–stopper; 5–топливопроводы; 6–heat-shielding washer; 7–nozzle case; 8–needle; 9–adjusting washer; 10-spring; 11-valve; 12-mechanism of a stop of the engine

take washers 6 (see fig. 5.81 ) thermal isolation and wipe them.

Installation of a fuel nozzle
Carry out in the following order:

Fig. 5.85. The installation direction in the engine of a washer of thermal isolation

establish new washers 6 ( fig. 5.85 .) thermal isolation by the convex party to a head of the block of cylinders;
screw in a fuel nozzle in an opening in a head of the block of cylinders and tighten it the demanded moment;
screw on a nozzle the pipeline of supply of fuel;
connect a pipe of return of fuel to a fuel nozzle;
connect a weight wire to the accumulator and check operation of the engine.