VW Passat repair

+ 1. Ekspluatatsiiya of the car
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Power supply system
+ 6. Ignition system
+ 7. Coupling
+ 8. Transmission
+ 9. Drive of forward wheels
+ 10. Suspension brackets
+ 11. Steering
+ 12. Brake system
+ 13. Wheels and tires
+ 14. Systems of heating, ventilation and conditioning
- 15. Electric equipment
   + 15.1. Technical characteristics
   15.2. Security measures at work with electric equipment
   + 15.3. Detection of not closed chain
   + 15.4. Storage battery
   - 15.5. Generator
      15.5.1. Security measures at work with the generator
      15.5.2. Generator check
      15.5.3. Main malfunctions of the generator and ways of their elimination
      15.5.4. Belt of a drive of the generator
      15.5.5. Generator brushes
      15.5.6. Check of system of start-up of the engine
   + 15.6. Starter
   15.7. Block of safety locks and relay
   15.8. Replacement of the lock of ignition
   + 15.9. Switches
   + 15.10. Combination of devices
   + 15.11. Internal lighting and lighter
   + 15.12. Headlights
   + 15.13. Windscreen cleaner
   15.14. Windscreen washers
   15.15. Cleaner of back glass
   + 15.16. Central lock
   + 15.17. Hatch
+ 16. Body
+ 17. Electric circuits


Repair B3-B4/Passat B3-B4 Volkswagen Passat>> Electric equipment>> Generator>> Generator check
Check make in the following order:
– check and if necessary adjust a tension of a belt of a drive of the generator;
– connect the voltmeter to plugs of the storage battery;
– watching voltmeter indications, start up the engine. Tension can fall in a starter operating mode to 9 In;
– increase frequency of rotation of the engine to 4000 mines-1, thus tension should increase to 13,7–14,6 In that points to normal operation of the generator and a tension regulator;
– at frequency of rotation of the engine 4000 of mines-1 include a driving beam of headlights or other powerful consumers of the electric power, thus power failure should make no more than 0,4 In;
– in case of considerable deviations of tension at check check the generator in a specialized workshop.

Generator removal
Removal make in the following order:
– disconnect a "minus" wire from the plug of the storage battery;

Thus from memory of electronic memories information is erased.

Fig. 15.1. Fastening of the generator of the carburetor or vosmiklapanny engine of the car with system of injection of fuel: 1, 7, 10 – a bolt; 2–eye; 3–tension level; 4–adjusting nut; 5–bolt М8х35; 6–generator; 8–arm; 9–krylchatka; 11-pulley; 12-driving belt; 13-washer; 14-nut

Fig. 15.2. Fastening of the generator of the shestnadtsatiklapanny engine of the car with system of injection of fuel: 1–fixing hairpins; 2–tension level; 3–bolt; 4–arm; 5–generator; 6–krylchatka; 7–pulley; 8–driving belt; 9–washer; 10-nut

– weaken a bolt of fastening of the generator to an arm and bolts 4 (fig. 15.1) or 3 (fig. 15.2) of adjustment of a tension of a belt, then turn the generator to the engine;
– remove a belt 12 (see fig. 15.1 ) or 8 (see fig. 15.2 ) from a pulley 11 (see fig. 15.1 ) or 7 (see fig. 15.2 ) the generator;

Fig. 15.3. Bosch generator: 1–nut; 2, 4, 12 – a washer; 3–pulley; 5–remote plug; 6–krylchatka; 7, 8, 17, 23, 26 – the screw; 9–forward cover; 10-bearing; 11-holder of the bearing; 13-segment shponka; 14-rotor; 15-bearing; 16-stator; 18-block of diodes; 19-plug; 20-plastic plug; 21-generator case; 22-a tension regulator with a shchetkoderzhatel; 24-laying; 25-condenser; 27-nut; 28-spring washer; 29-a nut, 30 – a spring washer; 31-laying; 32-pro-rate

– note an arrangement of electric wires on a back part of the generator then disconnect them from the generator (fig. 15.3) ;
– take a bolt of fastening of the generator to an arm and a bolt of adjustment of a tension of a belt and remove the generator;
– turn on and remove a fixing arm 8 (see fig. 15.1 ) or 4 (see fig. 15.2 ).

Bosch generator repair
In the course of repair of the generator remember:
– that the diodes placed in the generator, are sensitive to high temperature. In case of need their replacements in the course of the soldering it is necessary to hold their conclusions metal tweezers which take away heat from a soldering iron sting, and also to limit to a necessary minimum soldering time:
– use the earthed electric soldering iron as in case of damage of its isolation it will cause breakdown of vypryamitelny diodes of the generator;
– in the course of control tests of the generator of supply voltage should not exceed 14В;
– in the course of check of vypryamitelny diodes it is possible to use a direct current tension no more than 24 In;
– for cleaning of details use only gasoline. At once after cleaning of details (especially windings) dry them a stream of the compressed air.
Dismantling make in the following order:
– unscrew a nut 1 (see fig. 15.3 ) a rotor shaft, remove from a shaft a pulley 3, a krylchatka 6 and a rasporny washer. At an otvorachivaniye of a nut hold a pulley from a provorachivaniye, having established a face key in a shaft end face;
– remove from a shaft a segment shponka 13;
– unscrew screws 23 and remove a tension regulator together with brushes 22;
– note mutual position of the case 21 and a forward cover of the 9th generator, unscrew screws 7 and remove a forward cover of the generator together with a rotor 14. At removal of a forward cover, it can be forced down a hammer with plastic the brisk;

Fig. 15.5. Rotor expression from a forward cover

– using a stripper with three captures, squeeze out a rotor from a forward cover. At rotor expression probably vyryvany screws of fastening of a plate of the holder of the bearing therefore it is necessary to establish captures of a stripper under a plate of the holder (see fig. 15.5 );
– having unscrewed screws, remove a plate of the holder and squeeze out the bearing;
– using a stripper, remove the bearing 15 (see fig. 15.3 ) from contact rings of a rotor. Captures of a stripper establish on an internal ring of the bearing;
– disconnect from a stator the 16th block of diodes 18, previously отпаяв wires;
– check a condition of windings and contact rings of a rotor.
Assembly of the generator make in sequence, return dismantling.

Valeo generator repair

Fig. 15.4. Valeo generator: 1–nut; 2, 5, 7 – a washer; 3–pulley; 4–remote plug; 6–krylchatka; 8–ring; 9–forward cover; 10, 15 – the bearing; 11-holder of the bearing; 12-ring; 13-segment shponka; 14-rotor; 16-stator; 17-ring; 18-plastic plug; 19-case; 20-block of diodes; 21-back cover; 22-rack; 23-a tension regulator with brushes; 24-condenser

Dismantling and assembly of the Valeo generator are similar to dismantling and Bosh generator assembly. The device of the Valeo generator is shown on rice 15.4 .
Installation carry out to sequences, return to removal. Before a final tightening of bolts of fastening of the generator adjust a tension of a driving belt.