VW Passat repair

+ 1. Ekspluatatsiiya of the car
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Power supply system
- 6. Ignition system
   6.1. Specifications and characteristics
   6.2. General information
   6.3. Precautionary measures at work with electronic systems of ignition
   6.4. Ignition distributor
   + 6.5. Check of system of ignition
   6.6. Spark plugs
   6.7. Check and adjustment of a corner of an advancing of ignition
+ 7. Coupling
+ 8. Transmission
+ 9. Drive of forward wheels
+ 10. Suspension brackets
+ 11. Steering
+ 12. Brake system
+ 13. Wheels and tires
+ 14. Systems of heating, ventilation and conditioning
+ 15. Electric equipment
+ 16. Body
+ 17. Electric circuits


Repair B3-B4/Passat B3-B4 Volkswagen Passat>> Ignition system>> Ignition distributor
Removal of the distributor of ignition carry out in the following order:
– disconnect ignition;
– the lever of gear shifting establish in neutral situation, and tighten the hand brake;
– establish the piston of the first cylinder of the engine in VMT on a compression step, for this purpose use one of receptions:
– remove spark plugs, then turn a cranked shaft of the engine clockwise, for a belt pulley;
– include 4-or the 5th transfer and move the car;
– raise a forward part of the car and by the included transfer turn a forward wheel;
– close an opening of a spark plug of the first cylinder a finger or a wooden stopper;
– when the piston of the first cylinder will come nearer to VMT at the end of a compression step, pressure upon a stopper will increase;

Fig. 6.11. Adjusting labels on a flywheel: 1–a label «6 °» before VMT (an ignition advancing); 2–label «0 °» VMT

– remove a stopper with an ear from the top part of a case of coupling and continue to turn a cranked shaft of the engine before combination of a label of VMT on a flywheel and the index (fig. 6.11) . Labels on a flywheel to the left of a label of VMT are intended for installation of a corner of an advancing of ignition;
– check the provision of labels of VMT:
– the groove on a pulley of a cranked shaft should be combined with an arrow in the bottom cover of a drive and well-aimed VMT on a back surface of a pulley of a camshaft;
– the label of VMT located from a reverse side of a pulley of a camshaft should coincide with the upper edge of a head of the block of cylinders, otherwise turn a cranked shaft on one turn;
– note position of the case of the distributor;
– if necessary disconnect high-voltage wires from a distributor cover;
– remove brackets of fastening and a distributor cover. If is available, raise and remove a plastic cover at the distributor basis. The cover thus collapses;

Fig. 6.6. System of ignition of FEI (VEZ): 1–electric socket; 2–butterfly valve sensor switch; 3–switchboard; 4–control unit; 5–vacuum шлан; 6–electric socket; 7–connection with "weight", 8 – connection with "mass" of the control unit; 9–high-voltage wire; 10-ignition distributor; 11-distributor cover; 12-interference suppressor cover; 13-the plug 1 (–); 14-plug 4; 15-tips; 16-plug 15 (+); 17-connection with "mass" of the switchboard; 18-ignition coil; 19-coal contact; 20-rotor of the distributor of ignition; 21-dustproof cap; 22-temperature sensor; 23-electric socket; 24-sealing ring; 25-bolt; 26-sealing ring; 27-spark plug; 28-spark plug tip

– compress fixing petals and disconnect the electric socket 1 (see fig. 6.6 ) from the distributor 10;

Fig. 6.12. Distributor of ignition of system ТС1: 1–distributor rotor; 2–dustproof cap; 3–lock ring; 4–pin; 5–the steel screen with cuts; 6–spring washer; 7–washer; 8–spring bracket; 9–electric socket; 10-screw; 11-nest of the electric socket; 12-Hall sensor; 13-washer; 14-basic plate; 15-distributor case; 16-vacuum regulator of an advancing of ignition; 17-bolt; 18-holder; 19-sealing ring

– disconnect a vacuum hose 20 (fig. 6.12) from a vacuum regulator of the 16th advancing of ignition;

Fig. 6.14. Contact combination a begunka with a label on the distributor case

– check, whether there is a label on the top part of the case of the distributor (see fig. 6.14 ) which should be on the center of a rotor of the distributor. In the absence of a label, put it with a pencil;
– unscrew fastening bolts in the distributor basis, then remove the distributor from the engine;

Fig. 6.13. Distributor of ignition of Digifant system: 1–high-voltage wires; 2–tips; 3–interference suppressor cover; 4–distributor cover; 5–coal contact; 6–distributor rotor; 7–dustproof cap; 8–electric socket; 9–distributor case; 10-bolt; 11-holder; 12-sealing ring; 13-plug 4; 14-plug 15 (+); 15-the plug 1 (–); 16-ignition coil; 17-grounding tire; 18-tip; 19-spark plug

– check a condition of a sealing ring 19 on the basis of the distributor (see fig. 6.13 ).

Do not change the provision of a cranked shaft of the engine at the removed distributor of ignition.

Dismantling and assembly of the distributor of ignition is carried out in the following order.
Distributors of ignition of Digifant system and ТС1:
– clear the ignition distributor;
– remove a rotor of 1 distributor from a shaft and a dustproof cap 2 (see fig. 6.12 );
– note position of the steel screen 5 with cuts of rather power shaft;
– remove a lock ring 3 and take the steel screen 5 with cuts together with an adjusting pin 4;
– remove flat and spring washers 6, thus note their arrangement for repeated installation on the places.
– unscrew screws and remove a vacuum regulator of the 16th advancing of ignition;
– take a lock ring and a washer of fastening of a basic plate, unscrew screws fixing the electric socket to the case of the distributor and remove the sensor 12 of the Hall and the electric socket 11;
– unscrew lateral screws, remove a basic plate 14, a persistent washer and spring brackets;
– clear all details and check their condition;
– examine an internal part of a cover of the distributor on existence of traces of an erosion;
– check smoothness of moving of a coal brush;
– check a condition of a rotor of 1 distributor;

Fig. 6.15. Check of resistance of a rotor of the distributor

– by a tester measure resistance of a rotor of the distributor between central and lateral contacts which should make 600–1400 Ohm (fig. 6.15) ;
– check operability of a vacuum regulator of an advancing of ignition for what create vacuum on the union of a regulator and check moving of draft of a vacuum regulator of an advancing of ignition;
– collect the ignition distributor in sequence to return dismantling. Grease a working surface of the bearing of a basic plate.

Fig. 6.16. Distributor of ignition of FEI and KE-Motronic: 1–shaft; 2–washer; 3–plastic washer; 4–screw; 5–Hall sensor; 6–distributor case; 7–pin; 8–lock ring; 9–drive coupling

FEI distributor and KE-Motronic. On the FEI and KE-Motronic distributor (fig. 6.16) it is possible to make only replacement of the sensor of the Hall 5 which is delivered in a set consisting of the coupling 9 of a drive, a pin 7 and a lock ring 8;
– the rotor of the distributor is pasted to a shaft 1 and for replacement it is necessary for destroying, and a new rotor to paste glue;
– note the provision of shift of the coupling 9 of a drive concerning a distributor rotor;
– fix the drive coupling in a vice, then beat out a cylindrical pin 7 and remove a lock ring 8;
– remove the coupling 9, laying and a plastic washer 9;
– remove a shaft 1 with a distributor rotor, a plastic protivopylevy cap, laying and a plastic washer;
– unscrew screws 4 and take the sensor of the Hall 5 of the distributor case;
– establish the new sensor of the Hall in sequence, return to removal.
Installation of the distributor of ignition carry out in the following order:
– turn a distributor rotor from a starting position (VMT) clockwise and establish the distributor over an opening in the block or a head of the block of cylinders according to previously put labels on the case and the block and establish the distributor into place;
– on SOHC engines establish the distributor on a place and check, that the rotor of the distributor moved counter-clockwise to a starting position. If the distributor is not established in a starting position, remove the distributor and a screw-driver turn a power shaft of the oil pump, then again establish the ignition distributor;
– check combination of earlier put labels and fix the distributor a bolt on SOHC engines or two bolts on DOHC engines;
– establish a distributor cover together with the central cover and connect wires;
– connect a vacuum hose to a regulator of an advancing of ignition;
– check and, in case of need, adjust a corner of an advancing of ignition (see section 6.10).